What is Ceroc?


CEROC is short for "C'est le Roc" and is the name given to the chic style of French jive, founded in 1980 by James Cronin, who had a single-minded goal to re-instate the popularity of partner dancing.


CEROC's objective is to make learning to dance fun, easy and relaxed, incorporating various dance forms such as Salsa, Ballroom, Latin American, Tango, Jive and West Coast Swing. 

Learn to dance in one night! 

Yes, one night is all it takes to learn a few basic moves to get you dancing. If you have two left feet but have always dreamed of gracing the dance floor, perhaps it is time you tried CEROC. The dance is easy to learn and although you dance with partners, most people come on their own. So come and join the other scores of new people coming to CEROC for the first time every week, have fun and keep fit all whilst learning to dance!

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